Small Flower in My HeartIt’s easy to become a member of “The Fringe”.
Just send us a completed Membership Form and a tatted heart. We gratefully accept more. With your membership to the Fringe you will receive the quarterly news letter delivered right to your email box and an invitation to take part in the yearly exchange program!!!
We suggest that you keep them small and simple. Choose your favourite heart pattern – or consider making one of the following hearts which have appeared on our Tat Days name tags.

2018 Name Tag - "Hugs and Hearts" by Kaye Judt

2017 Name Tag - "Heart Fandango" by Jane Eborall

2016 Name Tag - "Kiss Curl Heart" by Nicola Bowersox

2015 Name Tag - "I'm all Heart" by Kelly Dunn

2014 Name Tag - “Butterfly Heart” by Karey Solomon

2013 Name Tag – ''Bookmark Heart'' by Jaquie Teal

2011 Name Tag – “Hearts by the Hundreds” by Karey Solomon

2010 Name Tag – “K’s Heart” by K Boniface

2009 Name Tag – “Fringe Heart” by Ruth Perry

2008 Name Tag – “Easy Little Heart “by Ruth Perry

2007 Name Tag Heart – Dimpled Ring Heart Balloons

2006 Name Tag Heart – by Rita Cochrane

Hope you’ll join us !